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Why I miss having boys at home…

Boys are the ones who just want to have FUN!  They naturally play, throw things, discover and generally just mess around.  My two boys (and the 10 extra friends that followed) are now off to college.  I deeply miss them and all of the boy stuff that was part of the package deal.  So when I get to photograph families of boys… it ALL comes rushing back.

Meet the Schweitzer Family…


Aren’t they just GORGEOUS???



This family has such a crazy sports and academic schedule that I photographed the kids on separate days.  It was really awesome to have the kids by myself.  I got to see their unique personalities and witness that even after a brotherly shove there were giggles and loyalty that trumped all.  They were so kind and well mannered proving that our children listen to others far more than they ever listen to us!




So let’s hear it for the boys… the ones that keep us laughing and remembering to not take everything so seriously.  Thank you Schweitzer family for letting me be apart of your memory making.   The love you share for your boys is infectious.





I know they keep you busy but soon they will be trading in that superman cape for a briefcase and you’ll wonder where the time went.   That is when you will have these images in your treasure box to pull from and remember…



May they always bring you joy and a smile.





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  1. Art and Judy Schweitzer
    Art and Judy Schweitzer says:

    I grew up with one brother, had one son and he now has 3 sons. It is hard to conceive of a home without lots of boy noises, some happy and some angry as the boys establish their unique identities. We love them all and are grateful for the opportunity to watch the next bunch grow. Thank you for your interest in them. I’m sure they as well as we will cherish your thoughts and the photos.

    Art Schweitzer

    • Diana Barbatti
      Diana Barbatti says:

      I only grew up with a sister. I brought my first son home in a flowered car seat thinking I would ONLY EVER have a girl. Then after a lot of prayers, I still had another boy! Never knew the blessing that I’d have. My boys are SO MUCH FUN. They make me laugh at every turn and I miss that boy humor and lightness in our home. I miss their tight hugs too.

      Your three grandsons are pretty special. I really watched how they took care of each other and was so impressed with their kindness. Lucky boy love times 4 for you!

      Hope to see you again soon.



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