5 ways to prepare for a headshot

A good headshot depicts a relaxed, confident you in a natural and approachable state. It should communicate something about your style and personality.

1: Hire a professional. If you want to be considered a professional you need to hire a professional. A friend with a nice camera is great for vacations but not for your career. Find someone you feel comfortable with that can help you walk through your brand and capture your best look.

2: Select a wardrobe that is true to your brand. A simple solid, well tailored shirt with a little texture is ideal. Bring a jacket along for layering. Stay away from solid whites & blacks, buttons (they bunch up) and bare arms. Avoid turtlenecks or plunging necklines. Always bring a change of clothing and accessories should not overpower the shot.

3: Hair and Make-up should look like you on your best day. No need to over do it. Hair cuts and color should be taken care of 2 weeks before the shoot.

4: It’s all about the EYES. Focus should be on the eyes and the connection with who your target audience is.

5: Backdrop. Decide if you want an environmental image outdoors or a studio shot with a solid backdrop. A professional photographer can walk you through the look you want to achieve.
db_web_Kat-Cisco Headshot --4

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